How I make money from my debts, without using a lawyer, while knowing zero about finance!




    A get rich quick scheme where  I promise high rewards or that you will make tons of money even while doing nothing from your new beach home. If you are looking for money for little or nothing let's part ways here. No hard feelings.


    A get-out-of-debt system. It isn’t credit repair. And it’s not debt consolidation.


    • Repeatedly, consistently and reliably worked for me for years and can likely help anyone including you.
    • But I am in no way going to claim that everyone (or anyone at all) that will  do it  is going to make a lot of money.
    • I don’t know how much the people who do this  will make. It’s likely that they might make little to nothing (usually because they don’t  follow directions  and refuse to do the hard work)
    • So, let me show you exactly what  you are getting...


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Everyone and Every Circumstance is Different. Results Not Typical.



A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Tour Of Exactly How I Repeatedly Used Only 4 Consumer Protection Laws And Civil Procedure And A Near Bullet-Proof Blueprint For Winning Money From My Consumer Debts

Shannon E.

Hospitality - Restaurant Manager

This Information Is Awesome!

I had a slumlord attempt to illegally throw me out in the street,  Just because he didn't want to maintain the building. Using these concepts I was able to devise my own legal strategy and lived rent free for 7 months. And made him pay me $7000. All without having to go to court. Don't let scum bags take advantage of you.



I am Jim Winner and when me and my baby momma split up, in the early spring of 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, we decided to do it big! We went to court for a 9-year custody battle royale of epic proportion, cost and immensity. But I had no money and could not afford to keep an attorney beyond the occasional retainer period. So, faced with the total loss of my only child, I set out to learn to do the law myself. No small tasks when doing it big! In the doing of that I learned civil procedure out of necessity.

 I quickly found that learning the law with one slow case was not going to be enough training for me. While I was doing legal research, I kept running finding cases that involved credit reports, debt collectors, telephone calls and credit card companies repeatedly. So, being drunk, broke and, let’s just call it, less than good with finances, proved to provide a fertile endless training opportunity for me! I had debt collectors screwing my credit up. I had people calling my phones morning noon and night. I had horrible credit, I mean like 440 horrible. I had failed credit cards and all that!


 So, I decided to train for my custody case by learning to sue my creditors and debt collectors. The crazy thing I learned was unbelievable. Doing these cases was a lot easier than a custody case. And for someone who is admittedly less than highly educated, and a little bit crazy, it proved way easier than I thought.


While doing this for year after year, I found that most of my financial issues were running into only 4 consumer Protection Laws. Then I discovered that these laws kind of linked together in some ways. Well, shit, I accidently learned how they could work synergistically together, repeatedly and reliably.

So, once I knew that I learned how to make sure to protect my rights, and any damages that might come, from the start of the interaction with creditors of every kind. Instead of just trying to clean up the mess I could law down a series of exploits just in case they decided to get funky with me. And if they did I would deploy my hack! They seemed to really like getting funky, let me tell you! The business model of these entities is all funk! GET DOWN!


I got tired of seeing my fellowman, woman and human being whipped by these clowns. But since, I am not a lawyer I couldn’t advise anyone on anything. I certainly couldn’t appear for them in court. Rules, right?


But what I can do is describe my story. I can tell anyone I chose how I did a thing. That’s first amendment for ya right there! I did things. I can explain in thrilling detail how I have developed and deployed a Debt-Hacking System all without giving anyone any legal advice! Sweets!

So, if you want to know my secret formula for repeatedly whipping ass and winning money for it, Join Now. I have been battle-tested. People often ask me if I have ever lost a case. Yes, I certainly did! It was 2 years long and brutal. But I appealed that case, won the appeal and changed the law in three states making it easier for pro se litigants, such as I am, to get their cases heard! Yep!

Oh Yeah! That's me and the kid. That's after I finally won custody!




The First 4 Weeks Are The Necessary Framework I Discovered. They Contain The Base Code, The Backdoors, The Cracks, The Rootkits And The Exploits.
The Fifth Module Is The Hack!


  • Who Owes Who: The Secret Right Of Setoff?
  • What If They Owe Me More Than I Owe Them?
  • 4 Major Federal Laws Of Consumer Protections.
  • What The Laws Require Of Me And My Creditors In Order To Protect My Rights.
  • How Much Money Are We Talking About Here?
  • Why I Build Case Files.
  • Critical Research On The Creditor Or Debt Collector.
  • Where I Can Find Potential Cases In My Finances.


  • How To Determine If I Have Claims.
  • Becoming Familiar With Calculating Damages (Money Owed To Me)
  • Writing My Story Within A Legal Framework
  • Determine My Ultimate Goals. Since They Can Range Wildly
  • Find Their Legal Representative: Not The Customer Call Center
  • How Do I Draft Demand Letters?
  • Finally, Legally Demanding They Pay You.
  • Resolving A Matter Without Ever Going To Court!


  • How Do I Sue A Motherfucker Without Paying Filing Fees!
  • Civil Procedure, Is The Beating Heart Of Debt-Hacking!
  • How Do I Write A Complaint?
  • How Do I Use My Evidence And Notes In The Context Of A Lawsuit?
  • How Do I Find The Proper Court?
  • How Do I Research The Laws?
  • How Do I Even File A Lawsuit?
  • How Do I Prosecute A Lawsuit?
  • How I Manage: Motion Practice, Discovery Practice, Hearings, Serving A Lawsuit, Noticing Parties, Researching Judges.


  • Settling A Case And Resolving Cases:
  • How Do I Negotiate With An Attorney?
  • What Must I Say In Every Negotiation? ($80,000.00 Secret Language)
  • How Do I Draft Releases? (Contracts That End The Case)
  • Common Issues With Large Checks And How To Avoid Them.
  • Having An Attorney Review Documents For Cheap!
  • Dismissing A Case, With And Without A Defendant Present!

MODULE 5... tHE hACk

  • The Ultimate Debt Hacking Blueprint!
  • How To Protect My Rights From The Start!
  • Setups, Traps And Takedowns!
  • How I Maximize While Mitigating Damages!
  • How I Make A Case Nearly Impenetrable!
  • How I Have Repeatedly Used The Solidity Of My Case As The Big Bargaining Chip!
  • How I Prepare For The Win Before I Even Sign A Contract!
  • How To Go Back Up To 5 Years And Find The Money I Never Knew Existed.


Do You Like Freedom?

Anyone can use the information obtained in such a system to hack debts from all manner of transactions.

  • I currently used the same system to manage my own auto-accident claim with a guy who lied to the police, the insurer and everyone he could, had a “witness” and was going for broke. But because I know how to use the law in other scenarios I could quickly map these skills over to personal injury, auto accidents or the like.

  • I also used this same strategy, to have the bank that was financing my vehicle return all my money, along with the title and a sweet bonus few thousand dollars on top. And I did that without ever walking into a courthouse or filing a case. The dealership lured me into a garage and held me there.

  • A friend of mine was able to use these exact same strategies to hack a $700.00 x-ray bill from 8 years ago and turn it into a $25,000 pay day.

  • I have also used these same principles when being pulled over by police, and in dealing with crooked lawyers. And the win there was worth so much more than money. As you can imagine.

  • So, like I said, there’s more to this system than “just” making money from debts.


How exactly did Jim Winner make $15,000.00 from a $400.00 store credit card debt?

  • No Money?

    How to file a lawsuit even if you’re flat broke and can’t pay the filing fees or even your bills!

  • Too Much Work?

    How to eliminate a trial and settle fast.

  • No Proof?

    You need evidence and witnesses. Right? Wrong. You are the evidence.

  • But I Owe Them.

    You need to pay them what you owe, or you have no claim. Right? Wrong!

  • Fright Fest?

    Say goodbye to the fear of collectors calling, threatening or even suing.

  • I Have Bad Debt.

    Why being in the worse debt of your life may make you more money than you thought possible.

  • Magic Words!

    The best things to say during store credit card offers and how a few sentences made me over $30,000.00.

  • Don't Like Court?

    How to get them to pay even if you never file a lawsuit!

  • Magic Words 2

    What you should never say in a negotiation and how not knowing this cost me $80,000.00.


So Was I

It doesn't go away either.

I often hear people say, well this is easy for you, there’s no way I can hack-debt.


Listen, I know how that feels and I was there, until I began to see the vastness of the scam that these corporations are getting away with; When I realized how many violations they had gotten away with; That, I was too late to the game to sue for, I got pissed off. I assure you, if nothing else but rabid anger at a system gone mad is not enough to propel you into action, then the gratification of seeing the first check will.


 I was nervous and unsure during my first debt-hack.

Seriously it was bad times, I was facing my lights being turned off, my gas had already been cut off. Luckily, it was a hot Chicago summer, so the ice cold showers didn’t entirely suck. (But you know they did.) I was scrounging for cigarette butts and rolling tiny pinner cigarettes out of the shake. Even though every cent I had went to feed that big grey cat, the cat was pretty pissed.  Those was some tough days. The cable had been cut the month before. I was “borrowing” internet from a neighbor. I had nothing!


I had been researching this concept within with the Fair Credit Reporting Act at the time.

And while I had been researching that violation for months, I couldn’t stomach the thought of filing the case. What if I was wrong? What if what I was doing was illegal somehow? What if the lawyers counter-sued me? What if the court sanctioned me? What if I spent my last money on the train fare to downtown Chicago for nothing? What if it took months or years? What if I was just going to get my ass handed to me by some sharp-tongued, shark-skin suited attorney? I really had no Idea what to expect. And I feared the worst!


But my back was against the wall. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.


So, I took the plunge and filed. Looking at those papers now, I laugh because there a million things I got wrong. They were served with the lawsuit. And after a few phone calls with their attorney the attorney, who never even mentioned the glaring errors, he offered to pay me $500.00! Now that might sound like nothing. But if you can imagine my situation at the time, this was everything!!


Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to negotiate.

I didn’t know anything except some general terms and what I had filed. And that filing was laughable. But passable. I didn’t have a winner to hold my hand and show me the way.  I had to figure this out all on my own.


Well, I took the money.

I know now what that case was really worth and I cringe and laugh, then cry a little, then cringe at the fact that I am cringing, laughing and crying. (Yeah it gets nuts here) . But at that time after a week or two that check showed up. It wasn’t much. But it paid some bills. Kept the lights on. Fed the cats Bought some cigarettes. And some beers.


While that case didn’t solve everything, what that case did do was prove to me that this isn’t a hoax.

That this is real. That filing a legitimate lawsuit means something. Even when it wasn’t perfect, it meant that they were going to have to defend it. And while they took advantage of my naiveté in that case, the lesson I learned was that I could do this. That with an investment of time, and energy, a bit of money and a commitment to learning, with a dash of patience, I learned that THIS IS DOABLE.


it was obviously going to be unfamiliar at first. Obviously, lawyers would be more learn-ed.

But filing a case means something. It means I am serious. And so, they will take it seriously. This is a far cry from calling in and threatening to sue, when talking to a call center. When I filed and served them people were mobilized. Lawyers were retained. Defenses examined. Insurance companies initiated. Papers were being drafted. People were being interviewed. Evidence was being culled. My little piece of paper, once filed, meant that they had to prepare to defend. And in that case, it was a lot easier to pay me $500.00 to go away than it was to spend $30,000.00 on a federal lawsuit and risk the chance of paying me much more. I never forgot that lesson, obviously.


It’s OK to fear all these concepts at first.

That is normal. The failure or success comes from what is done in the face of that fear. But just as in my first case, there are vast rewards even in the losses.

Not sure yet that the Blueprint is for you?

Who Is
The Ultimate Debt-Hacking
Blueprint For?

Literally, anyone who has had consumer debt, or intends to get some.

I want you to be Happy when you purchase.

This video series is for anyone who has had consumer debt. Especially debts gone bad such as collections, charge offs, calls from debt collectors.

People who want to use some time to learn how Jim represents his interests in court, if need be, to protect his rights.

People who have experienced abusive collection practices, threats, collection lawsuits, repossessions, predatory lending.

People who may have had a hard time learning to manage their finances and find themselves in over their heads.


  1. Have received robocalls in the last 5 years from creditors, collectors and there is an electronic voice.
  2. People who have disputed charges on credit cards but never got a response.
  3. People who have disputed truly inaccurate information in a credit report and it remained on the report.
  4. People who have had interactions with debt collectors
  5. People who intend to obtain new credit, or to make purchases in the future.

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  • Is This a Legal Service Of Any Kind?​

    Nope. There is nothing on this website or within the products, that offers any; legal service,  legal representation, legal document preparation, legal forms, 2-Way communication designed to advise or help with any legal matter whether in general or specific to any person or entity. Legal Advice must be obtained from a bar-licensed attorney in your area or one otherwise able to handle whatever legal matters you may have.  

  • Are You A Lawyer?​

    No I am not. I cannot provide legal advice to anyone. I do provide legal information cornering what I have done or would do. Legal Advice must be obtained from a bar-licensed attorney in your area or one otherwise able to handle whatever legal matters you may have.

  • Do You Deal With Bankruptcy?

    Goddamnit No! I am not an attorney at all. Also, this video series has no bankruptcy information in it. Some people really need bankruptcy and I always suggest talking to a bankruptcy attorney. But I have found that bankruptcy would stop me from being able to obtain money damages for claims that predate the bankruptcy. So, I have stayed away from that. So, this information is not for everyone.

  • Will You Be Providing Court Forms And Templates?​

    Oh Hell No! That would be reckless. There are plenty of example documents to illustrate my points. Theses documents are not intended to be edited and filed in your local courts. That would be dumb as dumb. Because these documents might not work in those courts because of vast jurisdictional differences. However, I do explain how I would handle finding the proper way to form documents.

  • What If I Am Not Satisfied?​

    I really think and hope you will be satisfied with the purchase. I also want you to do well. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied you have 14 days to see where this is all going and get a full unconditional refund

  • Is Debt-Hacking Legal?​

    YES! There is nothing on this website or in the program that requires anyone to do anything unlawful or illegal or unethical. In fact since a great deal of Debt-Hacking takes place in a courtroom, it is almost as legal as a thing can be! 

  • Is This Video Series For Beginners?​

    YES! The best part about the blue print is that it includes my entire civil procedure material in one module. That information will help you understand what I know about going to court.

  • Will This Information Help Me Get Out Of Debt?​

    Nope. This is not a debt reduction service of any kind. This is information concerning what people owe you. Whatever amounts of money you legally owe, you owe. I know of no way around that rule. This is not a debt-elimination system. And in some instances, I have incurred more debt by using the techniques I describe. While I tend to make money from my debt I don’t mind particularly mind. So, this information is not for everyone.

  • Will This Information Help Me Repair My Credit?​

    Nope. This is not credit counseling or credit repair. Just as with with debts, these techniques have often led to me having worse credit or incurring worse reporting or drastically lowering my scores. While I have made money based on any errors made by some company that had driven my score down, this information will not lead to better credit scores. But some people want their credit completely clean for major purchases or other reasons. So, this information is not for everyone.

  • Are There Financial Services Offered?​

    Nope. There is nothing on this website or in the program that involves financial services, securities, bonds, stocks, crypto, check cashing, lending instruments, investment opportunities or the like.

  • Is There Any Mortgage Consulting Involved?​

    Nope. There is no mortgage or foreclosure information in this product. This is information concerning what people owe you. Whatever amounts of money you legally owe, you owe. I know of no way around that rule. This is not a debt-elimination system. And in some instances, I have incurred more debt by using the techniques I describe. While I tend to make money from my debt I don’t mind particularly mind. So, this information is not for everyone.

  • Is There Any Actual Computer Hacking Involved?​

    No. Unfortunately! lol. Debt-Hacking is a Trademark turn-of-phrase. There is no hacking or computer coding involved in Debt-Hacking.

Eric I.

Restaurant Chef 

I was constantly hounded by an unscrupulous collector

who assumed that I would just knuckle under to their illegal debt collection techniques.  Using this method, I took them to court and made them settle for $24,500 and the erasure of my original debt from my credit record.  It's legal, easy to follow, and it works.  Don't get pushed around by these jerks...make them pay for breaking the rules!

ONLY $1997

one-time payment



Protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee.


Protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee.

ONLY $1997

one-time payment



Hi Again,


I know how important your money is to you! I appreciate you even taking the time to consider exchanging some of it with me for my super-dooper, life-altering, nothing but goodness products. I know that you will be satisfied with the products, cause they ain't nothin' but good! 


If for any reason you are not totally happy with the product, you can contact me within 14-days of your purchase for a full refund of your entire purchase price. 


So, this offer is Risk Free!!

  • Debt-Hacking Blueprint, how to make money from debts.

  • 5-Weeks of Illumination, it takes time to upgrade ya.

  • 14-Days to Try, And if it's not for you, cha-ching your money comes right on back!

Jim Winner

President, Professional Litigant Pro Se Information Products